Before a home owner starts any renovation project they really need to take the time for due diligence and homework. They should go to new show homes, home renovation stores, and look in home and garden type magazines to see with what new ideas there are for home convenience, styles and colours.

This all needs to take into consideration how long they will be living in the home following the renovations. If the home owner is going to stay in the home for another 15 years then the renovations should be more customized to the home owner’s needs. They need to consider their age, whether it is time to widen door frames for perhaps a walker. It might be the time to consider a larger bath room with hand rails. The home owner might want to look at innovative ideas for children’s rooms keeping in mind children grow quickly and a built in tiny bed might not be practical in a few years.

If they are moving in a few years they may want to focus more on the bathroom and kitchen upgrades which will increase the value of the home. Keep in mind that not all home renovations will increase the home's value. Build for your neighbourhood.